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Swim with the Dolphins

In the past, we have received emails, and had comments in our guestbook about “swimming with the dolphins”, yes… some are in captivity (which we don’t particularly like), some are in open waters, some even come and go to specific areas daily of their own free will to interact with people. My thoughts are this… there are literally millions and millions of people who would never be able to see, touch and/or interact with dolphins if there were not a few in captivity. If regular, everyday people could not look into those eyes and see and feel their majesty and intelligence, how many more would be dying because nobody would care. People have to see to understand and believe! How else would millions of people have come together to change the way the very Tuna you eat is captured? This just mat be one of those necessary evils as long as the ones in captivity are being treated very well.

Many people, including children are well on their way to healing both physical and mental problems as a result of therapeutic dolphin encounters…  what is the value of increasing the life span of one child?