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Southern Right Whale

Physical description

The Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis) belongs to the misticets group of cetaceans with baleen plates.These whales do not have a dorsal fin, and have a robust body. Their heads are covered with white colored callosities, which can be inhabited by small crustaceans.

Southern Right Whale Characteristics

Another important characteristic is that it expels air through its blowhole, which is “V” shaped, forming a great cloud that can reach up to 4m high.
Southern Right Whales are relatively solitary in their behavior, as are most of the whales that form their Ballena Franca Austral family of dolphins.
They can be seen between May and December in Península Valdés (Chubut Province, Argentina), where they mate and raise their calfs. These dolphins feed mainly on krill and other crustaceans and their baleen filters the food out from the water.

Since 1992, Fundación Cethus has studied the impact on the species of tourist activity and of the kelp gull. Cethus is part of the Honorary Commission “Southern Right Whale Natural Monument” that contributes to the specie’s conservation.