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Mission Statement

Our mission, “Awareness”, is to provide an all encompassing educational source through a substantial and central gathering of material relating to “dolphins” and the research being conducted globally as well as the plight of these wonderful mammals! Also, through our gift shop, the “Treasure Chest”, once we have deferred the costs of building this site, we will be providing an increasing percentage of funds from profit towards dolphin research and preservation. We have simply decided to become part of the solution, rather than being a part of the group only saying… “aaww… that’s a shame”.

This site is dedicated to those of us who feel a sense of wanting to be even a small part of reversing the present path that some cultures and societies have set these magnificent mammals on! While not in any way condoning it, we have to understand that what we grow up with is what we feel is right.

If here in America, where we grew up with baseball, someone told us after all these years that they needed 200 butterfly wings in order to wrap a baseball and have it react to the bat properly, it would be a hard job changing one’s mind set and go the humane direction with finding an alternative wrapping. Even though this is only an example, don’t you agree that changes would go easier if an education was offered instead of it being classified as a culture conflict to rally against?

This is an open invitation that goes out to any person from any culture on this planet, from tuna and whale boat captains and their crews, to school children from around the world…. Please, take the time to learn about, and even spend some time at one of the many global research facilities that offer classes and/or structured swims with this most intelligent creature and the effects humans have on their environments!

This is also an open invitation to all dolphin research projects to offer reduced or free admissions and invitations directly to persons from other cultures who may not even realize that the ideals they grew up with may have another side to the story….

We would like to extend a very special “Thanks”, in advance to all who participate in content, links and assistance in achieving this dream!