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Everythingdolphins.comĀ is your site for the best information on dolphins.

Long before we met , both Cindy’s office and mine were covered in dolphin related items! She is a banker, and I sold homes for a living. We had many joint clients and because of the wonders of technology, we had never met face to face! Well…. long about January 2000, I had 3 client packages ready for her review and gave her a call. This time, instead of the usual faxing back and fourth with hundreds of documents, she just needed some air and decided to come pick them up! When she arrived and saw my office full of dolphin stuff, we kind of forgot the purpose of her visit and started talking about our dolphin collections, then after an hour or so decided that we were both starving and took off to go have some lunch.

As things developed over the next few weeks, one day it just hit us! We both love Dolphins, and we are certainly not alone in this love…. so why not build a site that folks can go to and just relax and enjoy dolphins! Needless to say, here it is, things are going well for these first time web-site producers and we can both assist in supporting something we both feel very strong about!

So…. when things get all bottled up and that wonderful thing called “stress” is knocking at your door…. Here’s what you do.

Walk over and softly close your door, take a deep relaxing breath, remove the phone from the hook and go to the “Sounds” page of this site. Slide that pointer into a sound or two, lean back and listen as you glance over at that dolphin work of art sitting over there and dream of being able to roam the seas freely…. The things in life that gnaw at you just seem to lose their bite…. It relaxes us!