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This site is dedicated to Dolphin Lovers everywhere who would like our children's children to be able to experience the wild dolphin in the future.    Every time we as humans (superior race) allow or cause any species to become extinct... are we not breaking a link that will lead right back to our own extinction?  Dolphins are the "humans" of the open sea...  please spread the word to treat them with respect...  thanks

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NOTICE: "Free: downloads of any type are always risky with today's internet... it's a shame but there are people out there that have nothing better to do but try to harm your computer! The best practice is to create a new folder on your desktop called "Downloads", and hit "save" instead of "run", and use that folder for everything you download and then perform a virus check on the folder before you install anything.   Even this won't help if the download contains an "auto execute" script built in...  be careful out there.

I've searched and found a whole page of great Dolphin downloads from themes to screen savers and icons as well as wav files.  They are all links to the places that actually allow the downloads, if you run into one that no longer works, or if you find one you want all these dolphin lovers to know about, let me know:   click here 

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