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The best dolphin facts and information website that lists everything about dolphin species. is dedicated to Dolphin Lovers everywhere who would like our children's children to be able to experience the wild dolphin in the future. Every time we as humans (superior race) allow or cause any species to become extinct... are we not breaking a link that will lead right back to our own extinction? Dolphins are the "humans" of the open sea... please spread the word to treat them with respect... thanks

There are a lot of species of dolphins all around the world, even though we are mainly familiar with the Bottlenose Dolphin or the Killer Whale. We have to preserve their existence, as they are definitely an amazing animal to experience when we visit them in the zoo. Visit the links below to learn more about dolphins, and facts about dolphins that you may have never known!

Dolphin Facts

Dolphin Species
There are over 33 different types of dolphin species, and other related species to learn about.

What is a Cetacean?
Read this article to get to know what exactly is a cetacean, and how it is related to dolphins.

Dolphin Research
Learn about interesting dolphin facts you never knew about

Dolphin Careers
Here are some more resources you can visit to expand your knowledge on dolphins.